3.1 How do I apply

3.2 What is needed to apply

3.3 Contract

Agreement between Course Master and Veteran CrossOver APs Ltd.
Between Veteran CrossOver and ————————————- CPR. xxxxxx-xxxx
You’ve signed up for an offshore training curriculum, in our screening interview based on your CV and knowledge of matching a job as Offshore Wind Technician (OWT)
Course package is composed of selected modules. VCO has reconciled with your future employer and gives you a permission to assign work internationally.

Your Employer Declaration as VCO assumes that you have completed all modules and obtained the certificate.

Planning and booking of course modules made of VCO / ApC liable for the costs associated with the courses, accommodation, meals as indicated in the course schedule. You agree therefore that you will arrive on time and rested to the agreed courses and accommodation. If you fail *) or don’t attend the course **), you are reliable for replacement of all the costs that may be associated with your absence.
You acknowledge the alcohol and drugs politics for offshore policies.
*) You are obliged to immediately inform VCO if you are  unable to attend the course legally / medically or other

**) In case of interruption of the course you may be liable for the cost of the entire process and your training certificate may be held back until all VCO costs are covered.