Who we are

By all legal means to work to promote the situation for War Veterans by getting them into Jobs that are meaningful to them. To identify their military skills*) and to adapt them so they become accepted as valuable assets they are in civilian jobs. Adding to these Mil-Specs, VXO has gathered a knowledge of specific jobs in the appealing industries for Veterans – a job where Veterans can see themselves. A screening process with the Veterans is conducted, where a match between the specific job and the Veterans’ drive will determine the specific job and training they need as a supplement to their existing skills to fulfill the job requirements.

*) Mil-Specs & Mill Skills

Our History

Veteran CrossOver began as an Anti Pirat Corp ApS, training War Veterans to Maritime Security Officers (MSO). Danish Ship-owners Association (Danmarks Rederiforening) and DS Norden supported the idea, and a start-up funding of 600.000 DKK was received from Lauritzen Fond. In cooperation with the Guardian a specific training course was created for a Maritime Security Officer program. 16 War Veteran Candidates were selected of which 14 passed the program. Due to legal restrictions, on weapon placement on ships, it took 3 to 6 month to reach a legal solution(permission) for the MSO’s  to be armed with the right hardware on board for the proper defense against the pirates. Success of the highly trained armed former soldiers on ships led relatively quickly to curb the pirates’ opportunities to hijack ships and hostages. This declined the need for MSO’s on ships so drastically that we had to find other attractive job opportunities for veterans that volunteered.

Some News-agents took advantage of it and promoted it for a Scandalous headline: “Project for veterans is derailed”Today we have proved that it was not true, and have now placed 112 war veterans in stable jobs with large operators in the offshore industry, such as XXXXXXXXXXX.

The offshore industry was an obvious match for the competencies most veterans had.

Hjemvendte soldater kæmper mod jobcentrene

Present results

Today Veteran CrossOver has achieved a good standing in placing well trained and respected Veterans primarily in the Offshore Industry.  Well-trained, due to the close cooperation with the Offshore operating enterprises, getting to know their precise demand for skills for the specific jobs and matching that with the specific training they receive through VeteranCrossOver. Respected, due to the verification of the Veterans Mil-Specs now accepted by the employer as a real plus competence for the job. This has brought VeteranCrossOver into a position where the companies we work with welcome our Veteran-Candidates. Having experienced that a number of the Veteran-Manpower they hired two years back, that now has advanced into leading positions. We claim this mainly due to the Mil-Spec they have brought from their military background.

Today Veteran CrossOver is prepared to up-scale its activities with start up projects in other business areas and open opportunities for candidates who have a desire to « Go for it » and Move from their Military Identity on to a Civilian Identity.

Our Projects

Veteran CrossOver found multiple potentials for Veterans in the Industry and non – Military society. Skills Danish Soldiers can deliver from their Military training have proven to be a valuable addition to a specific job qualification. In Offshore and most other Industrial work areas the Veterans Mill-Specs will come to good use and be a considerate add on. A number of the first Veterans hired by offshore enterprises are now in leading jobs. This is not only because of their technical job skills but also because of their mill-skills.

Veteran CrossOver Prisoner Transport Guards project

Through a dialog with Veterans, that helps us broaden our efforts , we are constantly working with new job opportunities that are meaningful and motivating for them, where jobs and tasks reflect on the benefits the hiring company could grasp through the mil-specs VeteranCrossOver highlights.

The last few years VeteranCrossOver has been working on the Prisoner guards issue.

We currently have a pilot project presentations negotiation meetings with the Ministry of Justice, for the approval and funding of the pilot project on training of 12 Prisoner guards (FTV). 12 Veterans have been screened for the project, who will go through a specialized training *) and will helps handle the export of detainees.

It will relieve the police – who want liberation for the “real” policing and relieve prison staff at crowded placements – breeding ground for radicalization – so inmates now can be rapidly distributed to available cell capacity.

Eventually, FTV could assist in the repatriation of criminals who have been given a sentence of expulsion. At the moment there are around 260 prisoners in waiting to be taken home at state expense (estimated 250 million/year).

Veteran CrossOver:  Veteran and Refugee integration and job activation project

This pilot project is under development, where ministries and municipality are at an information and coordination level. We have our first pilot partner – Varde commune.

With the increasing integration needs we are working on the creation of a Veteran/Refugee Integration and job activation. The idea here is that six veterans couple up with 6 Refugees and 1 Knowledge Worker as a Project-leader. The mental platforms that we are concentrating on are: The veterans that have been deployed in the area the refugees come from, with the knowledge of their domestic conditions and what they have been exposed to, as well as maybe being the cause of their survival and being here, where they are ready now to build a new life. The veterans are well aware, they did not win the war down there, but they gain a feeling of victory by contributing and helping refugees that are now being integrated here in his new country. Each refugee is in the activation process linked to a Veteran Body that throughout the course helps refugee with language and with the slightly sharp Offshore Certifications – Helicopter Rescue, Working Heights and makes sure that the refugee comes through the course and ends up in the Jobs.

We address this activation against offshore industry for several reasons: English language ability which is considerably easier for a fugitive to learn than Danish and preferred by the industry. They will gain and perfect their Danish skills while at the job.

Offshore industry competence requirements are broad, stretching from highly skilled to just being able to use your hands. Working hours and out-periods do not bind them to move to Esbjerg. Work place has an international background already and if the refugee subsequently wish to return home, they bring knowledge and competencies that will give them a good position to carve out a good career in their home country. The whole process is supposed to be anti-radicalizing and culturally creative.

Danish Refugee help, Integration network with Stig Christensen is already affiliated.

As for the screening of veterans VeteranCrossOver already now has 3 years  of experience in this area, with psychic evaluation perform at the start by psychologist Susan Schlutter, since Anne Small Lund who previously worked at Veteran Ringsted Center is now the Foreign Ministry.

The man behind the company

Why Veterans

Veteran and former soldier’s basic competencies Mil-Specs:

• Military Discipline
• Leadership and responsibility
• Meeting on time
• Equipment, work gear and dress in order
• Team builder – picks up the ones falling behind
• Safety & Security trained and aware
• Monitor and Reports unsafe incidents
• Major First Aid-pack and practical experience in stressed situations
• Preparing gear under break before taking coffee
• Receives work orders, request correction if unclear
• Conducts the task – and mostly on time
• Respond to and reports security flaws and malfunctions
• Response capacity by callout
• No whining by extended work mission
• Readiness for overtime
• Do not expect Hilton and Room service
• Clear communicators